Gun doors open at 10 and close at 4:30 monday through saturday, sunday by appointment only.

My name is steve and I am the gun guy of Arizona.

We are located in the downtown prescott and we specialize in buying and selling all types of firearms.

We are an ffl dealer and a stocking gun retailer as well. We carry various types of accesories and will special order the item you want! Please give us a call or stop on by the gun guy of arizona 703 east gurley street prescott, arizona 86301 928-776-4653 directions

And remember we buy, sell, and take gold, silver, guns in trade as well!!


Exploring the Firearms Frontier: Your Trusted FFL Gun Dealer in Prescott, Arizona

In the heart of the American Southwest, nestled among picturesque landscapes and a vibrant community, Prescott, Arizona, stands out as a haven for firearm enthusiasts. At the crossroads of history and modernity, the city boasts a rich heritage of firearms appreciation, and at the center of it all is your trusted Federal Firearms License (FFL) gun dealer. Join us as we take a journey into the world of firearms in Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott's Passion for Firearms: A Historical Perspective

Prescott's relationship with firearms stretches back to its Wild West days. The city's historical ties to frontier life and self-reliance have contributed to a lasting culture of responsible gun ownership. Today, this heritage continues to thrive, as residents honor their past while embracing the present.

Enter the FFL Gun Dealer: Your Partner in Firearms

In the heart of this firearms-loving community stands our esteemed FFL gun dealership. With a commitment to quality, safety, and excellent customer service, we've become more than just a shop – we're a vital resource for seasoned shooters and newcomers alike.

Our Extensive Collection: A Firearm Enthusiast's Paradise

Step into our store and you'll find an impressive array of firearms, from classic pieces that echo the Wild West era to cutting-edge models designed for precision and performance. Whether you're an avid hunter, a competitive shooter, or simply someone looking to exercise their Second Amendment rights, our collection caters to every need and preference.

Knowledgeable Staff: Your Guides in the World of Firearms

One of the cornerstones of our success is our team of experienced and passionate firearm enthusiasts. Our staff is not only well-versed in firearms but also dedicated to educating our customers. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, we're here to provide information, answer your questions, and ensure you make an informed decision.

Safety First: Responsible Firearm Ownership

We believe that with great firepower comes great responsibility. That's why safety education is at the core of our mission. Our experts are always ready to guide you through the proper handling, storage, and maintenance of your firearms. We're committed to fostering a community that values responsible gun ownership above all else.

Beyond the Shop: Connecting with the Community

Our commitment extends beyond the confines of our store. We're an active participant in local events, workshops, and seminars, where we share our expertise and promote safe firearm practices. We understand the importance of fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding within the Prescott community.

The Future of Firearms in Prescott: Looking Ahead

As Prescott continues to evolve, so too does its relationship with firearms. Our FFL gun dealership is dedicated to adapting to the changing needs of our community while upholding the values that have made us a trusted resource for generations.

Conclusion: Your Journey Starts Here

In the heart of Prescott, Arizona, our FFL gun dealership stands as a beacon for firearm enthusiasts. From our diverse collection and knowledgeable staff to our emphasis on safety and community engagement, we're more than just a gun store – we're a partner on your firearms journey. Join us as we celebrate the past, embrace the present, and look forward to a future where responsible firearm ownership remains a cornerstone of our community. Your adventure begins with us. 


Howdy Everyone.
We plan to open back up friday afternoon. We will be adding new info as we find out.
As soon as I get the doctors permission We will get things backup and going.


Lyman Great Plains Rifle 2 Barrels

Very Good Condition Lyman Great Plains Black Powder Rifle with 2 barrels-.50 and .54 Caliber  Very nice Stock  pics coming soon  $399.

Ruger Old Army 45 Black Powder

Ruger Old Army 45 Black Powder  75% condition  $250

Smith and Wesson 25-5 45LC Rare !!

Very Good condition 75% Smith and Wesson Model 25-5 in 45 Long Colt  8-3/8ths inch Barrel  $ 1999.


Taurus Millenium PT-111 Pro

Very Nice little 9mm  Taurus Millenium PT-111 Pro  Comes with box, manual, cleaning brush, and 2 mags  $299


Stevens/Savage Model 820B 12 Gauge

Pump action 12 gauge with adjustable choke...very nice condition 85-87%  $250

Sears "Ted Williams" Model 3T Semi Auto 22

Very nice little 22 semi auto. Similar action to Ruger 10/22...almost identical.  Has original Sears scope that came with it.  About 90-92% condition  $199


Yugo SKS Model 59/66A1

Very nice condition !! Yugo SKS Model 59/66A1 Made in Zastava Serbia  7.62x39 Semi Auto   All matching numbers !!  Comes with 2 Tapco, 20 Rd Mags, Has Fiberforce Dragunov style stock, and comes with scope mounted.  Some original parts did not come with the gun, but wouldn't be too hard to find SKS Yugo stock, front handguard, dust cover, and magazine floorplate.(I would think  $30-40)  $499


Marlin Model 700 Micro Groove

Nice little semi auto .22  18 inch barrel, good bore $199

Springfield Armory Model 1903

30-06 Bolt, Decent condition...stock is about 50%  Bore is very good with just a hint of pitting about midway, but definitely shootable.  Stock is full C grip, and was broken at the handgrip area, and was repaired.  Could use a new stock.  $425

O. F. Mossberg and Sons Inc. Model 151-M

Very nice, and semi hard to find Model 151 M, by Mossberg.  .22 long rifle only. Just cleaned her up, and this gun is in gorgeous condition.  $325


Got Ammo? We got Ammo

The new addition to the store-Ammo the Dog

WesternField Model SB 808M

Montgomery Ward, most likely made by Savage.  Very nice condition, good bore. 22 Long, or 22 HS shorts (high speed) Tubular magazine.  $265


Polish Makarov P-64

Decent liitle semi-auto.  Caliber-9x18 Makarov  Overall in 65-75%   $279


Remington Model 12 Takedown Model

Nice little pump action .22  Very Good condition...68-70%%  Takedown model, 22 short, long, or LR $699

Ranger 12 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun

"Ranger"  Most likely made by J.C. Higgins for Montgomery Ward, or Sears. Hard to tell with these old guns. Condition is about 70% overall. 30 inch barrels  Good bores, and functions well.   $425


Remington 870 Magnum Express 20 Ga Pump

Very nice 20 Gauge !!  Pump action model 870 Express Magnum  21" full vent rib barrel 2-3/4 or 3" shells  85 % condition.  $350

JC Higgins Model 60 semi auto 12 ga

Very nice older semi auto shotgun.  Condition about 80-85% Takes 2-3/4 shells.  28 inch barrel  Nice furniture, and strong spring..wasn't fired much..very clean  $450

Springfield Model 1873 Carbine Pre-Custer Serial # !!

Very desirable low serial 373XX  .45-70 Trap Door Carbine   This gun very well could've been used in the Battle of The Little Big Horn...if only she could talk !! Made in 1875!!  About 60-65% condition.  Awesome Bore..bright and shiny !!   $5000.

Winchester Model 67 .22 Bolt

Nice little Winchester bolt action .22  about 65-70% condition.  $175

Winchester Model 94 in 30-30

Has black style blueing  Gun is in about 75% condition  Made in '69  $399

Excel .410 Single Shot Shotgun "Gunsmith Special"

Has loose fore grip and barrel fit..would advise having gunsmith check it out before firing, or use as wall-hanger  Pics coming asap, but is exactly like other Excel .410 listed,   $100 As Is


J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. "Nitro Special" 12 gauge shotgun.

 Older gun, not meant to shoot modern loads, shoots low recoil loads with 7/8ths or lower shot weight $150
Had a gunsmith check it out...functions good

Excel Single Shot .410 Shotgun

Nice condition for age.  Mechanically sound, stock a little rough $150

Springfield Armory Model 1903

Parkerized finish, 30-06  24 inch barrel, sporterized stock  $499.


Winchester Model 70 XTR 7mm Rem Mag

Wood Stock, 24" Barrel.  Comes with Swift 3x9-40 Waterproof Scope, and Leather sling. $600


Ruger 10-22 "New" W/Factory Laser

Nice Little Ruger 10-22 with factory laser installed in the end of the foregrip.  New ! Comes with box, lock, 10 rd. Mag   $399


Kahr P-40 with Night Sights

Compact 40 !!  Kahr P-40 with night sights, and extra extended mag.  $529


Savage Model 1907 .32ACP

Collectible and Functioning ! Bluing about 50%, Clean, barrel looks good!   $575


Ruger SR22

Very Nice Ruger SR22  Excellent Condition-Like New  3 1/2 inch barrel, Case, Extra mag   $425


Remington Model 710 Bolt Action 30-06

Very Nice Bolt Action Remington 30-06  22 inch Barrel.  Gray Composit Stock.  Detachable 4Rd Mag. Tasco scope  $450


Remington Model 1903 Bolt Action

Very Nice Remington Model 1903 in 30-06, Bolt Action, with Timney trigger,(seems like about a 2 lb pull)  Tasco World Class Scope 4X-16X 44. Has Hogue overmold type stock.  24 inch barrel Bright Bore, with excellent lands and grooves  $799



Springfield Armory XD-9 Sub Compact- New

Nice little Springfield Armory XD-9 Sub Compact.  Comes with Box, XD Gear (Double mag holder, loader, holster), 2 mags  $550

Rossi-Taurus 20 Gauge Shotgun-New in Box

New Rossi 20 Gauge, Single Shot, Break Open Shotgun  28 inch barrel  All Black with Black Polymer Furniture  $229    Comes with Davidsons Lifetime Relacement Warranty

Rossi Tuffy .410 Single Shot Shotgun-New! 2 in Stock

New Rossi (Taurus) Tuffy .410 Single Shot (break open) Shotgun. 18 1/2 inch Barrel  Holds 4 rounds in Buttstock.  All Black with Black polymer furniture  $229    2 in Stock  Comes with Davidsons Lifetime Replacement Warranty


Turkish Mauser Model Gewehr 88

Nice Turkish Mauser  Gewehr 88 Mismatched #'s  $319.99

Spanish Mauser Model 1893 7x57 Oberndorf Made

Stamped "Mauser Espanol Modelo 1893"   $319.99  Not sure what happened to our pics, so more pics coming soon as possible, thanks


Taurus TCP 738 .380 ACP-New!!

Nice Little .380 Auto  Easily fits in pocket  New with Box  $359.99


Buccaneer Sword AAARRR Ye Matey !!

Pirate style short sword with knuckle Guard that would've been used by the Buccaneers. 20 1/2 inch blade, 26 overall.  Most likely a replica..it is engraved "Made in Spain" on the blade.  $50

Naval Presentation Sword

Very Nice Sword !! As you can see,  Presented to  Victor H Wilhelm, Lt. Commander U.S.Navy Reserve
Presented to him on March 7th of 1941, by  "The Texas Co"   Also has the Damascus Stamp (looks like Star of David) that signifies made with the Best Damascus Steel. Excellent Condition  $500